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Patient Testimonials

“Love The Place and Everyone Who Works Here”

“Amazing Professionalism and Great Warmth Among the Staff and Dr. Panajoti”

“Care, State of the Art Technology and Experienced Staff”

“Everyone was Patient and Kind, and I Can’t Say Enough – I’m Pleased!”

“New England Dental is unparalleled in competence, consideration, and friendliness (and I’m well into my 7th decade of sampling dental treatment). I tell them each visit, tongue somewhat in cheek, is the highlight of my day, but it’s actually true (well, almost).”

“This was an appointment for my five year old. The staff was amazing and answered all his questions, which says a lot since he asks hundreds a day! They made him feel comfortable and I am so appreciative.”

“The staff was very personable and approachable. Overall look and feel of the location was clean and inviting. And the most important part- the dentist did a fantastic job explaining what care I needed and how to do it. I will recommend this location to many people!”

“I have the worst teeth in the world, but every time I come for a cleaning, the hygenist is always so informative, helpful and understanding. Dr. P is always ready to, respectfully explain the importance of taking care of my teeth. She is very understanding of my busy world and always encouraging.”

“The service is always great!! I love to get work done here.”

“I’ve been attending to this office for 4 years and I have not had any issue with anyone. They do a good with your mouth.”

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