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Michelle Napper

A dental professional since 2003, Michelle Napper joined our team in 2017. She trained at New England Dental Assistant School in Worcester, Massachusetts. As well as being a Licensed Dental Assistant, she is certified in CPR, OSHA, and Radiology.

“Helping patients feel better, and seeing them smiling is so satisfying,” she says. “It’s gratifying to know that I’m making a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Michelle’s daily activities include setting up treatment rooms, assisting doctors during procedures, taking X-rays, sterilizing instruments, and laboratory work.

“New England Dental Group offers a state-of-the-art practice with a dedicated team providing impeccable care in a happy, relaxed atmosphere…with the best, freshly baked cookies!”

After office hours, Michelle enjoys spending time with family and friends, including her beloved dog, Callie. She also enjoys cooking and baking.

“Outstanding patient care is my top priority.”

Emily Hackett

Emily Hackett joined our team in 2020, with a diploma from the Porter and Chester Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is OSHA, CPR, and radiology certified. “The people, the environment, and the care provided here are all top-notch,” she says. “It’s so rewarding to help patients improve their confidence, as well as their overall health. Emily’s duties include, but are not limited to, seating patients, setting up for procedures, assisting the doctors throughout the treatment process, and maintaining sterilization.

When she’s not working, Emily enjoys working out and being with family and friends.

“I enjoy building relationships with my patients.”

Stephanie Dattilo

In the field since 2020, Stephanie Dattilo joined our team in 2021. Having trained at the Northeast Collaborative School of Dental Assisting in Kingston, New Hampshire, Stephanie went on to study at Tufts School of Dental Medicine, where she obtained radiology credentials.

“My joy is helping people get the smiles they want,” she says. Her daily activities include greeting and seating patients, setting up procedural areas, and instrument sterilization. “The staff is so friendly here,” she says. “And the environment is superb in every way.”

An avid equestrian, Stephanie has been riding horseback since she was five years old. She loves spending time with family and friends and enjoying the beaches in Maine and at Lake Winnipesaukee.

“Every patient who sits in your chair should be treated as you’d want to be treated.”


Doloreza has been with us since 1995. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Tirana, Albania, and is CPR, OSHA, and Radiology certified.

“We’re a team here,” she says, “and our patients recognize that and appreciate it. They feel like a part of our family, because that’s how we treat them.”

Doloreza is fluent in English and Albanian. She lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with her husband and loves to cook and spend time with her grandchildren, along with the rest of her family. She’s also an avid Boston Celtics fan.

“Treat patients in the way you’d like to be treated!”


Having joined us in 2000, Marjana brings over two decades of experience in oral health to the practice. Certified in CPA, OSHA, and Radiology, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dental Medicine from Albania’s University of Tirana.

“Our wonderful patients, along with my amazing co-workers, make coming to work a joy,” she says.

Marjana is fluent in English, Italian and Albanian. She lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with her two daughters and her grandson, and loves traveling, reading, movies, and The History Channel.

“It’s vital to keep up-to-date on the latest technologies.”


Taylor joined our team in 2012, following her studies at the Porter and Chester Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is certified in CPR, OSHA, and Radiology.

“Our staff strives to make sure each patient feels at ease and comfortable in every visit,” she says.

Her responsibilities include preparing treatment areas, taking X-rays, completing lab work, and sterilizing instruments.

Taylor loves working out at the gym and meeting new people.

“I love to help make our patients’ visit fun experiences!”



Working in the field since 2013, Nancy Severino joined us in 2018. She trained at Boston Reed College and is certified in Radiology.

Nancy’s duties include preparing patients for various procedures, setting up operatories, and taking X-rays.

“This is a wonderful place to work,” she says. “My co-workers are amazing, as are the growth opportunities and continuing education training provided to the staff. And it’s gratifying to see how everyone here goes the extra mile to make sure each patient gets the very best care…and our technology is second to none!”

In her spare time, Nancy likes hiking, reading, and baking with her daughter, as well as spending time with family and friends.

“Each patient is treated with respect and dignity, and provided with all their treatment options.”


A team member since 2019, Melanie Thibeault trained at the Porter and Chester Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is Certified in Radiology and Infection Control.

Her daily duties include assisting the doctors, stocking rooms, maintaining supplies, supply inventory, and sterilization.

“Patients enjoy coming here for many reasons,” Melanie says, “including the bright atmosphere, friendly staff, and the fact that we have multiple specialties represented by our doctors.”

When not working, Melanie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and playing with her dog.

“I look forward to seeing happy patients!”

Sarah Gaudette

Sarah Gaudette joined us as a dental assistant in 2021, have completed her training at the Porter and Chester Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. “I treasure the relationships I have with my coworkers,” she says. “They — along with the relationships with our patients — are like family ties to me.” A few of her daily tasks include keeping her patients comfortable, taking X-rays and impressions, making sure all infection control protocols are met, and maintaining constant sterilization. “Seeing the smiles on our patients after our treatment? That’s priceless!”

In her free time, Sarah enjoys exercising, cooking, and movie-watching.

“I love helping our patients become more confident in themselves.”

Kylie Quinn

Kylie Quinn joined us in 2020, following her training at Porter & Chester in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is certified in CPR, OSHA, Radiology, and Infection control.

“There’s an upbeat and welcoming atmosphere here,” she says. “We have a wonderful and talented staff who will do everything possible to make sure our patients are happy.”

Her many duties include greeting and seating patients, sterilization, and operatory set-up.

You’ll see Kylie snowboarding in the winter and jet skiing in the summer. In between, she enjoys video games and watching anime.

“When my patients say `thank you’…I feel so rewarded.”

Arianna Caricchio

Arianna Caricchio joined our team in 2020, following her training at Worcester, Massachusetts’s Porter & Chester Institute. She is certified in Radiology and Infection Control.

“It’s like a family here,” she says. “We all help each other whenever it’s needed.”

Part of Adrianna’s daily duties include setting up treatment rooms, sterilization, greeting patients, and making them feel comfortable.

“The warm, welcoming environment here is amazing,” she says.

Adrianna loves long walks with her dog, enjoying her family and friends, and pushing herself to try new things.

“I want our patients to be comfortable with all of us…and we all work to gain their trust.”

Ampha Xapilak

Ampha Xapilak joined us in 2021, after training at the Porter & Chester Institute. Her credentials include Infective Control and Radiation Health and Safety certification.

“Our team is a very diverse — and fun! — group…and we’re dedicated to providing the best care for our patients.

Ampha’s busy days typically include greeting patients, sterilization, and assisting our doctors in procedures.

“Teamwork is so important,” she says. “I believe it’s the key to our success in improving our patients’ smiles — and their overall health.”

When she’s not working, Ampha enjoys spending time with her children, family, and friends.

“I love providing our patients with comfort, and confidence in their smiles!”

Kimberly Rock

Kimberly Rock joined us in 2021, after training at the Porter and Chester Institute and Mount Wachusett Community College. Her credentials include radiology, ICE (Infection Control) and CPR.

“We’re a close-knit family here,” she says. “And that dedication to teamwork extends to our patients.”

A few of Kimberly’s daily activities include greeting patients, setting up operatories, sterilization, taking X-rays and impressions, and scheduling.

“I enjoy making a comfortable setting for my patients,” she says. “And seeing their smiles as they inspect the final outcome of their treatment? That’s priceless!”

Kimberly also appreciates the advanced technology our practice offers, along with a friendly staff.

When not working, Kimberly enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding, movies, and spending time with family & friends (which includes her “furbaby” Belinda).

“I treat all of my patients with the same care and respect as I would with my family members and friends.”

Reignee Suon

A 2018 graduate of Dental Careers of the North Shore School in Lynn, Massachusetts, Reignee Suon joined our team in 2022. “I’m here to join my co-workers in providing the highest level of care,” she says. “Because the practice is so forward-thinking — in procedures and in technology — everybody benefits,” she says. “Our team members are constantly growing in knowledge, which, of course, translates into superlative care for our patients.”

Reignee’s regular activities include radiography, instrument sterilization, patient preparation, and treatment assistance. “I also work to build relationships with our patients, and do whatever I can to help make their experiences with us as positive as possible.”

When she’s not working, Reignee enjoys spending time with her children and other family members.

“It’s wonderful that our technology makes so many procedures less invasive.”

Khayla Bellucco

Bio coming soon

Kristin Distefano

A dental professional since 1996, Kristin Distefano joined our team in 2022. Having received her formal training at Massachusetts’ Bryman Institute, Kristin also brings her many years of work experience to our practice.

Some of Kristin’s daily activities include supply inventory and ordering, stocking treatment rooms, assisting our doctors in procedures, prepping patients for treatments, sterilizing instruments, exposing X-rays, and recording patient notes.

“I think my most important job,” she says, “is providing information to our patients to help with their oral hygiene skills. My aim is for each one is the achievement — and maintenance — of a beautiful smile.”

At the end of a busy day, Kristin enjoys spending time with family and friends.

“I can’t overemphasize the importance of oral health.”

Camila Bettencourt

Trained at The Braces Place in Somerville, Massachusetts, Camila Bettencourt joined us in 2022. In addition to being a Dental Assistant, she is X-ray certified.

“I like working directly with patients,” she says. “People tell me I’ve got a compassionate, nurturing personality…I grateful for that since one of my goals is to help comfort nervous patients. I love helping people feel at home.”

Camila’s daily tasks include setting up procedure rooms with necessary dental instruments, ensuring all dental instruments are sterilized, reviewing the patient schedule for the day and getting medical records ready, and assisting the doctor with dental procedures.

In her free time, Camila enjoys yoga and dancing.

“The whole team is dedicated to providing the best patient care.”

Shairaliz Ramos

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Artiona Gjoka

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Kellie Palermo

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Navid Anwar

A dental professional since 2012, Navid Anwar joined New England Dental Group in 2024. Navid is an instructor at The Dental Assisting Place, founded by New England Dental Group, a dental assisting program designed to lead students into the changing landscape of modern dental practice. Students are instructed in traditional dental assisting techniques, with an emphasis on digital and artificial intelligence-assisted dental practice techniques.

Navid trained at the Porter and Chester Institute in Dental Assisting. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, as well as Radiology Certification from Boston University.

“As a practitioner, I enjoy making patients comfortable, while helping them understand more about dentistry in order to avoid common misconceptions,” he says. “And I appreciate the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to my students.” Navid appreciates our state-of-the art facilities, hands-on learning environment, and our curriculum designed to meet the ever changing and improving demands in the field. “Students learn in an environment duplicating the setting they will work in upon completion of their training,” he says. “Add the expertise and experience of my fellow faculty members, and this is truly an educational experience second to none.”

When he’s not training future dental assistants, Navid enjoys gardening, painting, and working on cars.

“It’s an honor to share my clinical expertise and background with my colleagues and students.”

Ludmilla De Souza

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Francheska Guevara

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Annie Albin

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