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Invisalign® is a way to straighten your teeth in a more comfortable way, without letting others know that you are undergoing treatment. The Invisalign® system of clear, removable aligners is more visually and functionally pleasing than the metal braces and retainers of the past, and significantly reduces the hassles and discomfort often associated with those procedures. New England Dental Group can help you achieve beautiful results with this innovative orthodontic treatment at our Marlborough or Southborough office.


Invisalign® is a custom-designed set of clear teeth aligners that offers a number of benefits to patients looking to straighten their teeth and improve the appearance of their smile. Advantages of Invisalign® include:

How Invisalign® WORKS

The Invisalign® dentists in our Marlborough and Southborough offices understand the importance of a thorough and meticulous pre-treatment process. After a precise impression of your teeth has been created, your Invisalign® clear braces will be designed.

You will then be provided with a series of aligners, each to be worn for about two weeks. Once that period has elapsed, you will then discard the aligners and place the next in the series on your teeth. This allows for progressive movement of your teeth into a more desirable position.

The entire process typically takes about 9 to 15 months to achieve optimal results. And remember, Invisalign® can be removed for sleeping and certain activities during the day.

You can watch a short video on how Invisalign® works here.


Not sure whether to choose Invisalign® or metal braces for your orthodontic treatment? Whilst metal braces are the more traditional route, clear braces are the more comfortable alternative. Advanced technology involving X-rays and 3-D dental imaging technology powered by our GALILEOS® system in order to create a precise digital impression of your teeth.

Thereafter, we create customized aligner trays made of smooth, comfortable plastic to fit over your teeth and gently shift them into place.

No metal brackets, no wires – simply insert the new aligners approximately bi-weekly until treatment is complete! Enjoy minimal interference in your daily life – eat whichever foods you like, floss and brush regularly whilst correcting a multitude of orthodontic cases – crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite and underbite.

Are INVISALIGN® Braces Covered By Insurance?

Most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign® treatment and other orthodontic procedures such as metal braces. The price of coverage varies, however some plans may cover up to $3,500 of treatment. We encourage you to speak to our Invisalign® dentists in our Marlborough or Southborough offices or your insurance provider to determine how much you are covered for before making a decision.

Schedule A Consultation For INVISALIGN®

Invisalign® is one of the most revolutionary orthodontic treatments to come along in quite some time. With Invisalign®, you can straighten your teeth without the self-consciousness often associated with wearing metal braces or wires. Please contact New England Dental Group at either our Marlborough or Southborough offices for more information on Invisalign®, or to schedule a consultation at our practice.