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Having bright, beautiful teeth is often what can make the best possible first impression. For many people, effective teeth whitening solutions are all that’s needed to improve common aesthetic conditions such as yellowing and staining. At New England Dental Group, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Margarita Panajoti, in Marlborough, MA offers a number of teeth whitening treatments, both in-office and for personal use, that can significantly lighten the shade of your teeth for a whiter, wonderful smile.

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be very effective at restoring a whiter and fresher appearance to your teeth. Advanced teeth whitening procedures at our Marlborough practice offer a number of benefits, including the improvement of staining and discoloration caused by:

ZOOM® In-office Teeth Whitening

Zoom® teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular in-office teeth whitening procedures available. This relatively quick and virtually painless procedure begins with a whitening gel applied to the surface of your teeth. Then, a special light will be shone over your teeth, activating the gel and helping oxygen to flow into the tooth enamel and dentin, ultimately helping the teeth to achieve a lighter shade. The entire process typically lasts about one hour, and the results are almost instantaneous.

The Zoom® teeth whitening procedure can be even more effective when combined with one of our take-home whitening kits.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic dentist also offers a number of options for you to whiten your teeth at home. Many of our take-home treatments are available only through a dentist’s office, and have shown to provide patients with fantastic results. Some of our at-home teeth whitening treatments include:

One of our experienced dentists will be happy to talk with you about the teeth whitening options that may be best for your needs.

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