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At New England Dental Group, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide safe and effective dental procedures. With devices like the GALILEOS® 3D dental imaging system by Sirona, our experienced dentists can diagnose and treat patients with increased precision. Producing high resolution images, GALILEOS® can provide a more accurate diagnosis and find problems while they are in the earliest stages. This allows us to create the most effective treatment plan with predictable results.

The GALILEOS® x-ray system takes only 14 seconds to scan the mouth and jaw, and it creates a 3D image in about 2 minutes. By having such detailed information in a short amount of time, our dentists can provide more efficient dental care. We utilize this advanced imaging technology for a wide range of procedures, including dental implantscosmetic dentistryperiodontics, and general care. Additionally, GALILEOS® is specially designed to work with CEREC® for same-day crowns and restorations.

When you have a 3D scan performed, your dentist will explain what the image shows, helping you visualize and understand the state of your oral health. Having this information available so fast can allow you to make a more informed decision about your dental care.

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