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What Is All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is a treatment concept that involves the placement of four dental implants per arch to support a denture. The technique replaces full arches of teeth by positioning two implants towards the front of the mouth and two implants at an angle towards the back of the mouth. This creates a stable foundation to which the custom-crafted prosthesis is attached. The All-on-4® implant denture system has many benefits over traditional dentures, providing our patients with enhanced outcomes for their teeth replacement.

What Are The Benefits Of All-On-4® Dental Implants?

All-on-4® has a number of advantages for patients who need to replace their upper and/or lower arches of teeth. Those who undergo the advanced procedure from our experienced team at New England Dental Group can expect a combination of the following benefits:

Additionally, All-on-4® is often a viable option for patients who may not otherwise be good candidates for dental implant surgery. All-on-4® utilizes the available jawbone to create a solid foundation for the implant denture. By placing the posterior implants at an angle, they have more contact with the jawbone, which can often eliminate the need for preliminary bone grafting.

The implant denture system is highly beneficial for the right candidates, and it has been estimated that 98% of patients who received the treatment concept would recommend the system.